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The Universal of 63mm Aluminum full donut 2.5“ ( OD )


We are pleased to announce the new HDi designed Aluminum Donut.

Specially designed for tight radius applications, the tight radius means much

easier fabrication in location where not much room for bends ,  moreover tight radius also benefit from

Using less materials and straighter routes, where velocity can be better maintain (depends on the design of the pipe route)

76/89/102 mm coming soon !




  • Full round aluminum donut 63mm (outside diameter)
  • High quality aluminum with 2 mm wall thickness for easy to weld and strength 
  • Tight Radius for harder angel needed to be reach
  • Row aluminum finishing
  • Perfect for fabricating cold air intake or intercooler piping etc

Universal 2.5'' aluminum donut pipe-OD 63MM

$58.00 Regular Price
$54.52Sale Price

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