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The NEW HDI Electronic Boost Controller Type R is suitable for any turbo engine, single or twin turbo including external wastegate versions.
It is specifically designed for simple installation, easy operation and effective function. All electronics are enclosed in a ? din rigid aluminium casing to with stand the toughest motor sport conditions.
It has a high quality 100 psi solenoid and a maximum boost setting of 30 psi which is suitable for high performance applications.
The advanced microprocessor and leading Motorola pressure sensor allows the boost level to be accurately measure providing faster spool up, stable boost and reduced turbo lag.
Precise boost setting is simple using the in cabin adjustment dial. The unique adjustment dial retracts to avoid accidental adjustment.
Installation only takes minutes with the optional plug and play rocket arming switch. This allows the EBC-R to act as a dual stage boost controller. This allows you to electronically switch between your stock boost level and the preset boost level from your driver��s seat.
The HDi EBC-R offers the best performance, quality and value for money on the market.
Isn��t it time you upgraded your manual bleed valve controller?

Please download the instruction menu from

NEW HDi Electronic Boost controller EBC-R

$164.00 Regular Price
$155.80Sale Price
  • - In-cabin boost adjustment
    - Fast target boost locking
    - Minimize turbo spooling time
    - Cheaper then menual boost controller!!
    - Simple installation only positive and negative wire and 2 vaccum hoses
    - 100psi pressure balanced solenoid
    - Detailed installation instructions
    - Rigid aluminum casing
    - High quality front panel
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