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The HDi Super Boost Gauge Type-Dual Race (HDi-SBG-DRB) employs the latest stepper motor technology for accuracy and fast response. It is easy to install with plug in.Our Dual display design shows both Bar and Psi in analogue (250 degree sweep) and digital format simultaneously provides easy and precision read out in shortest time possible.

HDi Super Boost Gauge SBG-DRB For Golf Mk5/6/7

$143.00 Regular Price
$135.85Sale Price
  • SIZE : 60mm(2 3/8in) overall diameter
    Power supply voltage : DC10 to 15V(Exclusive for 12V vehicle)
    Current consumption Max : 280mA
    Operational Temperature range : -2oF to +120oF, -20oC to +60oC (humidity below 80%)temperature Range
    Storage: -32oF to +160oF, -32oC to +80oC (humidity below 80%)
    Dial color : White
    Illumination color : Blue/Red/White
    Display range : -30 inHg ~ 3.5 bar (Analogue) and -14.7PSI ~ 50.76PSI (Digital)


    -External pressure sensor for better accuracy
    -Day/Night Theme Design.
    -Dual read out both digital and analogue display.
    -Dual measurement PSI/BAR.
    -Full 250 degrees sweep dial provides superb visibility.
    -Universal easy installation.
    -Full electronic precision stepper motor drive.
    -Unique rigid light weight aluminum case.
    -High intense Light Emit Diode back light for high visibility.
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