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Product name: HDi Mitsubishi Pajero / Triton Automatic transmission cooling kit

Product code: HDI-ATF-KIT-PAJ/TRI

Engine :4N15 2.4L Suit: Pajero 3rd gen, KR/KS/QE/QF) 2.4L turbo 2015 on~
Suit:Triton 5th gen (KJ/KK/KL)2.4L turbo 2015 on~

The HDi Mitsubishi Pajero Sport / Triton 2015 Automatic Transmission Cooling Kit is designed to maintain the ATF oil temperature better, especially under heavy loads or during towing. Tests have shown a 10-15 degree Celsius reduction in peak temperatures, as well as more solid in-gear torque transfer. This better maintenance of transmission oil temperature is an effective way to extend the transmission's lifespan and better fuel economy !.

The HDi Mitsubishi Pajero Sport / Triton Automatic Transmission Cooling Kit replaces the thin (15mm) factory unit with a unique high-quality 50mm thick, highly efficient, less restrictive 28-row HDi oil cooler. The improvement does not stop here. HDi takes the ATF cooler kit chamical polished to a next level , it comes with -8 AN professional fittings!! (10mm ID compared to the factory unit's 7mm ID!), Nylon braided high-pressure hose, and CNC machined connectors, making it an easy and perfect fit.

Furthermore, its shortest route prevents pressure loss. The extra ATF carried by the huge HDi cooler provides extra circulating ATF to prolong the automatic transmission fluid's life.

We designed it as what we want the best for our own car!

The ATF's mounting bracket is meticulously designed, and when it comes to durability, there are no cost-cutting measures taken. Strong, one-piece stainless steel brackets and fasteners are used to protect the HDi ATF cooler from chassis twists even in the toughest conditions!

HDi Mitsubishi Pajero / Triton Automatic transmission cooling kit

$815.00 Regular Price
$774.25Sale Price
  • HDi Mitsubishi Pajero Sport / Tridon Automatic transmission cooling kit benefit as below:

    ? Reduce heavy load peak temperature

    ? Solid transmission torque transfer

    ? Reduce torque slip due to overheating

    ? Easy to install ? Extend transmission operation life

    ? Improve fuel efficiency by reducing transmission loses

    ? Stainless steel one piece mounting bracket

    ? Genuine high quality professional OIL cooler ? Best Value for money

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