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HDi is proud to release the all new manual boost controller Type �C R HDi-MBC-R

The boost controller is specially designed with the effective Ceramic Ball Spring Regulator ( CBSR TM ) effectively reduced the friction and the reaction time takes in relation to the boost regulation i.e. reduce boost over shoot which most manual boost controller have.
By utilising ceramic ball which have low thermo resistance and have long lasting wears resistance in order for maximum life expectancy.
It is made of T-6061 light weight high strength aluminium to limit thermo expansion in the engine bay.
HDi EBC-R is suitable for all kind of turbo set up both internal and external wastegate. Installation is extremely simple just connect it in between the turbo compressor housing and the wastegate.
Adjustment is also simple, turn clockwise to increase boost and counter clockwise to decrease boost.

Operation: turn top adjustment knob clockwise to increase boost counter clockwise to reduce boost

HDi Manual Boost Controller MBC-R

$79.00 Regular Price
$75.05Sale Price
  • Installation:
    1. Make sure the adjustment knob is as far as possible but before it is separate from the main body than turn
    the adjustment dial in 2-3 turn clockwise as for the base starting point.
    2. Connect the MBC-R according to the diagram with the shortest possible vacuum hose connection and away
    from heat most of the chamical polished turbo system is similar the internal wastegate shown in the diagram. please
    note some extra parts may be needed for non basic turbo configuration and can be purchase from
    3. Connect the bottom port of the boost controller to the boost source. It can be manifold or turbo compressor.
    4. Connect the side port (marked with a triangle sign) of the boost controller to the wastegate. Make sure you
    cable tight all the vacuum hoses
    5. Recheck all the connection, warm up the car and driver and drive moderately monitor the boost level at this
    stage you boost should be similar or lower than your chamical polished boost, if so you can start turning the
    adjustment dial clockwise to increase boost (we recommend do it on a Dyno make sure it is adjust by a
    professional, best is with full throttle 3000-4000 rpm in 3rd gear)and repeat the step 5 till the desired boost
    is reached.
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