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Product name: NEW HDi GT2 580 Intercooler kit for Nissan Navara YS23DDT NP-300

Product code: IK-NAV-GT2-580

Application: Nissan Navara 2.3L 2017-2022


Bull-bars and Winches friendly!

Unique V-mounted Design! HDi has finished its new Nissan Navara YS23DDT Intercooler Kit (GT2 PRO). This is a complete intercooler kit incorporating an all-new unique design V-MOUNTED intercooler.

The V-mounted design allows less pressure drop and provides more than 60%+ extra cooling flow capacity. It also reduces the need for extension pipes and silicone hose joiners, in order to maintain throttle response and minimise turbo lag due to the long connecting pipes!!


Furthermore, the chamical polished front heater hoses arrangement is untouched which makes it the closest design to the OEM configuration! it is also WINCHES AND BULL BARS FRIENDLY !!


Awards-winning products!

The HDi NAVARA NP300 GT2 580 Pro Intercooler kit also includes the award-winning HDi CLAMP for easy installation!

Best lightweight HDi GT2 Core! The HDi GT2-580 Pro intercooler is a tube and fin design for greater strength and flow which makes this intercooler becomes the strongest, lightest and highest flow Navara NP-300 intercooler on the market.


Shortest route!

The piping is designed to take the shortest possible route with minimal Entry Angles and silicon joiners. The HDi CLAMP minimizes silicon ��steps�� allowing for a bigger smoother effective airflow area, less turbulence and pressure drop. 


Note :We would like to inform you that the HDi Np 300 intercooler kit is specifically designed with high tolerance to the OEM unit in order to prevent any leakage. The HDi  connectors in the kit are CNC-made, ensuring a perfect fit with the OEM hoses. However, if you choose to use other hose quick-release adaptors, we cannot guarantee their tolerance and accuracy, as the OEM cooler with plastic ports allows for more tolerance for errors.
In case you encounter any issues with your current hoses, we also offer a hoses kit or quick release adapters that is compatible with both OEM intercooler cooler and the HDi's NP300 cooler. If you are considering a change, we recommend switching to the HDi unit for optimal performance and peace of mind.
Thank you for your understanding and consideration.
Best regards,

HDi GT2 Intercooler Kit for Nissan Navara D23 YS23DDT/DDTT 14 -Now Year

$1,067.00 Regular Price
$1,013.65Sale Price
  • the below is the note for navara options please also add in to the description and photos 


    1. Optional air intake hose
    Replace the OEM rugged hose, improving intake flow.

    2. Optional HDi reinforced, oil-resistant hose kit with Quick release adapters
    Replace leaking OEM hoses.

    3. Optional quick release adapters
    If you have aftermarket hoses, you may replace the adapters for better sealing and leak-proofing.

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