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Why Upgrade to HDI?

What comes with the kit?

The HDi Ford Ranger / MAZDA BT 50 Transmission Cooler Kit is a high-performance transmission cooler designed specifically for Ford Ranger or MAZDA BT 50 vehicles. This kit is designed to keep the transmission fluid cool, which can help prevent damage from overheating, and radiator coolant leaking in the transmission and extending its lifespan.

The kit comes with everything you need to install the cooler on your Ford Ranger. including a large professional oil cooler with -AN8 hydraulic fittings and braided hydraulic hoses!

HDi Ford Ranger/Mazda Bt50 complete Automatic transmission cooling kit is designed for better temperature maintenance of the Automatic transmission fluid, especially under heavy towing or under a heavy load.

Tests have shown 10-15 Degrees C lower in peak temperature as well as more solid in-gear torque transfer.

The better maintaining in transmission oil temperature is known as an effective way for extension of the transmission’s life. A must for all tradesman.

The HDi Ford Ranger/Mazda Bt50 complete Automatic transmission cooling kit is to replacing the regular standard water to oil factory unit via a Design registered adaptor make it easy to fit and make it a perfect integration with the standard OEM ATF cooler.


Performance is guaranteed

Ford Ranger/Mazda Bt50 complete Automatic transmission cooling kit benefit as below:

  • Reduce heavy load peak temperature
  • Solid transmission torque transfer
  • Reduce torque slip due to overheating
  • Easy to install
  • Extend transmission operation life
  • Improve fuel efficiency by reducing transmission slippage due to over heating
  • Fully integrated with standard transmission cooler system
  • Perfect for boosted up, tuned and modified engines 
  • Best value for money

The HDi Ford Ranger/Mazda Bt50 complete Automatic transmission cooling kit comes with all needed components for completing installation. Including a  HDi high quality oil cooler, high pressure hydraulic braded hose and professional fittings for the toughest  working condition.

The Full stainless steel screws and brackets the best durability against water and salt corrosion.

The special design allowing enough area for aftermarket 4wd winch to be installed

It also allows good air flow to the radiator! Perfect for installing with HDi GT2 intercooler kit The reduced inlet restriction and inlet temperature provides higher density of oxygen for better combustion with the same amount of fuel. Therefore, increase mileage! 

It is absolutely the best Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 package for

Performance, Economy, Reliability, Longevity and Peace of mind.

Stocks are available now for immediate delivery

            HDI design, Test and Manufacture for more information please check out


HDi Ford PX Ranger/Mazda Bt50 Automatic Transmission Cooling Kit

$792.75 Regular Price
$745.19Sale Price
  • The optional HDi ATF cooler mount is an ideal upgrade for even easier installation, the design will relocate the HDi ATF cooler to sit behind the intercooler in order to provide more air flow and space incase a bull bar or a large winch will be fitted ! 

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