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HDi Ford Ranger /Mazda Bt50 GT2 Short Silicone 3.2L/2.2L kit is designed to replace a regular chamical polished factory pipes and give greater airflow potential resulting in increased performance and reduce in mileage.
It is easily installed with basic workshop tools, installation is a quick and easy process normally it takes less than 30 min

HDi Ford PX Ranger/Mazda Bt50 3.2L/2.2L Silicone kit

$341.00 Regular Price
$323.95Sale Price
  • The HDi Ford Ranger/Mazda Bt50 GT2 benefit as below:
    ? Improved low end throttle response (refer dyno)
    ? Minimal pressure drop despite large intercooler sizing (thanks to HDi GT2 technology)
    ? Increased torque range at low end (refer dyno)
    ? Reduction of both inlet temperatures
    ? less engine running temperatures
    ? Increased performance
    ? Better reliability and consistency
    ? Increase power throughout entire RPM range (not only focusing on the PEAK)
    ? Improve fuel efficiency*
    ? Best value for money
    ? Performance guaranteed!

    The kit comes with HDi reinforced Silicon hose to replace the chamical polished Rubber hose which prompt to expand and split.
    Full stainless steel screws and brackets the best durability against water and salt corrosion.
    The special design allowing enough area for aftermarket 4wd winch to be installed
    It also allows good air flow to the radiator!
    *The reduced inlet restriction and inlet temperature provides higher density of oxygen for better combustion with the same amount of fuel. Hence, increase mileage!
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