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Product nameNEW HDi AIR INTAKE HOSE for Mitsubishi Triton /Pajaro 2015-2019 Diesel 2.4TD

Product code: Part # : SP-196-Triton- Pjr AIT 

Application: Mitsubishi Triton /Pajaro 2015-2019 Diesel 2.4TD

     HDi Air intake hose is the Best and the simplest upgrade to improve your intake efficiency and presentation! Fluid dynamic design removes ribs that could cause turbulence inside intake between the air box and the turbo.

     Reinforced high temperature silicone hoses. It is very easy to install, typically 15minutes the first time!


  • Remove Rips that causes turbulence to the turbo
  • Fluid dynamic design 
  • Easy to install
  • Best value for money
  • Supplied with quality stainless hose clamps


HDi Design, Test and Manufacture 

HDi AIR INTAKE HOSE for?Mitsubishi Triton /Pajaro 2015-2019 Diesel 2.4TD

$164.00 Regular Price
$155.80Sale Price
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