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D2power ceramic ball/ spring boost  controllers provides the best performance and reliability.
    It is simple, yet smart design superb regulation and minimize boost spooling  time


We are proud to provide a life time guaranty and We invite you to check out our feedback and see what our fantastic customers have to say our customer service and products quality.


Each manual boost controller are produced by our high precision CNC machine it comes with a lifetime warranty. we will  replace it with a new one free of charge! If your  D2power MBC-R boost controller ever breaks, stops working, or malfunctions.

D2power-MBC-R New Signature Series model feature:                                        

  • Precision CNC Machined & Anodized T-6061 air craft Aluminum
  •  5mm Hose Barbs
  •  Stainless Steel Spring
  •  Ceramic Ball valves standard equipment                        
  •    Breather Port                        

D2power Turbo Manual diesel Boost Controller

$19.99 Regular Price
$18.79Sale Price
  • The D2POWER boost controller is specially designed with the effective Ceramic Ball Spring Regulator ( CBSR  TM ) effectively reduced the friction and the reaction time takes in relation to the boost regulation i.e. reduce boost over shoot which most manual boost controller have. Byutilising ceramic ball which have low thermo resistance and have long lasting wearsresistance in order for maximum life expectancy.It is made of T-6061 light weight high strength aluminium to limit thermal expansion in the engine bay.     D2POWER EBC-R is suitable for all kind of turbo set up both internal and external wastegate.  Installation is extremely simple just connect it in between the turbo compressor housing and the wastegate. Adjustment is also simple, turn clockwise to increase boost and counter clockwise to decrease boost. 

  • We strive to sell the best product at the best price, giving you maximum value in your purchase. All Products are tested before it is sent out. As you can see we have sold thousands from our history and feedbacks, If you suspect a problem with the product please advice us, you can also send it back to us we can check it for you ,-if we found no problem with the unit we will send it back to you at your cost, but the checking is free,-if it is found damaged by improper installation , we will quote you for the cost to repair or replace and return it to you at your cost ,-if it is found defective we will repair or replace a new one  and send it back to you at our cost.

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